ROLLEX is fully back!

Dear partners

We do hope that this communication finds you and your loving ones well.

Everyone agrees that we live in unprecedented times. Under these demanding conditions, the people of Rollex stand up to the circumstances. By remaining calm and by keeping our methods, we have set our company back fully running.

The manufacture of the products has started intensively, in order to cover the increasing demand. The Accounting department, the Customer Care Service and our warehouse are fully operating. The collaborators of the Commercial Department have started visiting the stores, abiding by the hygiene rule, keeping substantial touch at the same time with everyone over the telephone.

Rollex has been manufacturing HANDMADE painting rollers for 62 years, by employing tens of collaborators. The pandemic and the sense of responsibility IMPOSED the interruption of the production, so that we could guarantee the safety and health of our working staff.

With the company rerunning, regular disinfections are conducted at the premises, as well as at the raw materials cargos that are received. Therefore, all our products are safe and in sufficient availability.

On behalf of all the people of Rollex, we thank you for the trust you keep showing us, even during this period of time.

At this battle, we want you to know that you are not alone…we are here with you.

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